The Analysis of Main Problems of New War Veterans (ret.) with the Accent on their Admittance to Labour Market


The purpose of this analysis is to trace contemporary position of recent war veterans, members of missions abroad after 1989 after they retired. Above it concentrates on their problem on home labour market, eventually on psychic disorders, negative after-effects or syndromes, possible assistance and support on the part of state, eventually of Czech Ministry of Defence. The article is divided into two parts. The first one analyses accessible statistical data concerning participants in foreign missions and at the same time collected data serve for drafting hypothesis tied with a research segment of this paper. The second part of this study evaluates results reached, based upon anonymous questionnaires completed by retired new war veterans in the period from December 4, 2009, till January 25, 2010

PhDr. Viktor Meca Ph.D., born in 1975, he graduated form the Police Academy (POLAC) of the Czech Republic in Prague and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK), Prague, where he completed a postgradual course in media studies. He worked at the Czech Radio, Economic News Daily (Hospodářské noviny) and other media, after that he was a media advisor to Minister of Transport, and finally for Ministress of Defence, where he became involved in problems of war veterans. Alongside with professional papers, e.g. in Czech Sociological Review (Sociologický časopis), he published the book „Richard Kočičí srdce“, at the Children's Publishing House Albatros.

Country: Czech Republic


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