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American Military Doctrines of New Generation


The article is based on the neorealist theory and is aimed to the analysis of the military doctrines of the USA published between 2012 – 2018. It evaluates them as the consequence of important changes after the end of the Cold War, namely the process of the enlargement of NATO. The article explains the US doctrines as a manifestation of a reinforced military self – esteem of the USA and warns that these doctrines should lead to an increase of the military tension at the Eastern frontier of the enlarged NATO. 

Assoc. Prof. Jan Eichler is born in 1952. He graduated from the Military Political Academy in Bratislava. In the past he was also the deputy head of the department at the Institute for Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Defense (1991-1993), worked in the General Staff of the Czechoslovak Army (1990-1991) and at the Ministry of Defense of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1982-1990). In 1985, he defended his dissertation (PhD) and in 2004 defended his habilitation thesis (doc.). Since 1994, he works as a senior researcher at the Centre for European Politics In addition, he teaches at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Prague. His professional interests include transatlantic relations, strategic culture, international security, wars in today's world and terrorism. He is a member of the doctoral study board of the FSV UK, MUP Praha, and FBMI ČVUT. He is author of 2 monographs in English, of 6 monographs in Czech and of a lot articles in the reviews in Czech Republic as well as abroad (France, USA, UK, Germany).   

Country: Czech Republic


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