Active Measures Concept Deconstruction Through the Lenses of Information Influence


This study deconstructs the concept of active measures through the prism of information influence. It understands it as sophisticated methods of influencing public opinion and political decisions, originally used by the Soviet Union and now adapted to cyberspace by the Russian Federation. In the analysis, the concept is contrasted with the general abstraction of information influence. This helps to better understand the proximity of active measures to similar concepts. We conclude that abstractions of information influence are also valid for conceptual understanding and practical examples of contemporary Russian active measures. Active measures are subsidiary to information influence, serving as tactical means to achieve the latter's strategic goals. Furthermore, the author states that the information environment is the operational theatre for active operations, cyber operations can be its manifestation, information operations support as a key component of a broader information operations strategy, and psychological operations are its critical element.

Miroslava Pačková (born Pavlíková), PhD, was born in 1990. In 2010-2015 she graduated from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno (Political Science and Security and Strategic Studies), where she continued her doctoral studies (Ph.D. in 2023). Since 2018, she has worked as the Executive Editor of the academic journal Obrana strategie at Centre of Security and Military Strategic Studies, University of Defence. Since 2019, she moved to the position of research fellow at the Department of Security and Defence Studies.

Country: Czech Republic


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