How far can the Long Term Perspective for Defence 2030 Sees?


The article deals with a strategic document that currently represents understanding of trends, which form the future security and operational environment,and that sets up the vectors for building-up and development of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The first aim is to assess the Long Term Perspective for Defence 2030 and its significance in context of other strategic documents adopted in the Czech Republic. Another aim is to confront its contents with a structured analysis of large quantity of the state-of-the-art foresight studies,differentiated in geographical and thematic scope. The comparison allows identifying convergence and divergence between the Czech document and relevant findings from the foreign foresight documents. This approach enables the judgement whether the Long Term Perspective for Defence 2030 provides a relevant guideline for the defence sector development, and whether it does or does not miss some of the issues found significant in the foresight documents in the outer world.

Libor Stejskal, Ph.D., born in 1977, graduate of the Public and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK), 2003-2004 study stay in Denmark, at the University of Copenhagen. From April 2008 till February 2009 he worked as a security expert of the Czech Republic-led provincial reconstruction team (PRT) in Afghanistan's Logar Province. At present he is an academic worker of the Centre for Social and Economic Strategies, Faculty of Social Sciences (CESES FSV), Charles University. He explores security concepts and theories, the roles of citizens during security building in modern societies, security systems reform, security policy both the EU and the CR. He is a joint author of several books, his texts appeared in few collections and journals.

Country: Czech Republic


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