Commentary on Luboš Dobrovský‘s Controversy with Jan Eichler


The text is reaction to disputation between Lubos Dobrovsky and Jan Eichler in Vojenské rozhledy magazine, which was dealing with limits and inappropriate of neoliberal approach to analysis of military-security situation in post-soviet space from Czech point of view. Text tries to point out, that neorealistic approach, which focuses on material source of power, inevitably deals with ideas as well. Therefore, Ted Hopf´s approach, whcih combines attention to material power and ideas, is introduced.

Michael Romancov, Ph.D, born in 1969 in Prague. Political geographer of the Charles University, Prague and Metropolitan University of Prague, teacher and publicist. He works at the Department of Political Science of the Institute of Political Studies of the Charles University and at the Metropolitan University in Prague. He contributes to a number of Czech periodicals. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University. He deal with the political geography, geopolitics and Russia.

Country: Czech Republic


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