NATO and Energy Security


The article deals with the reasons why NATO is interested in energy security and main tasks which Alliance fulfils in this area. A special attention is paid to the energy dependence of the European member states of the Alliance, the increase of awareness about energy security, critical energy infrastructure protection and energy efficiency in the armed forces. The author elaborates the implementation of the energy security issues into the Alliance main activities, education and training in the field of energy security and cooperation with partner countries, other international organizations and private sector.  The article is available only in the Czech language. For more information please contact editors.

Dr. René Nastoupil (Col. ret.), born in 1956. The graduate of the Military Academy in Vyškov and Defense University in Brno. He started his military career as a unit leader in training units.  Then he served in different staff and leader positions in military research, defense policy and threat analyses, including positions in NATO structures in Brussels. He retired in 2013. Currently, he works as a Head, Oil Emergency, in the Administration of State Material Reserves.

Country: Czech Republic


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