The Position of the Russian Federation to Western Military Interventions in 1999-2011


On the one hand, Russia is among the countries which often criticize the Western-led military intervention. On the other hand, in the last twenty years, Russia has repeatedly approved using military force by the West against an individual state, endorsed by the United National Security Council. The main purpose of this article is therefore to describe and analyse Russian position towards four Western military interventions 1999-2011. Specifically, the article is focused on two military interventions without UN Security Council mandates (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 and Iraq in 2003), the intervention with the expanded UN Security Council resolution (Afghanistan 2001) and the military intervention that was partially approved by the UN Security Council resolutions (Libya 2011).

Lukáš Tichý, Ph.D., born in 1982. He works as a researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague. He deals with issues of energy security, foreign and security policy of the EU and Russia and international relations theories. He has published a number of articles in domestic and foreign professional journals, collections and monographs.

Country: Czech Republic


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