Why the Czech Republic Should Have a Defence Policy


Even though we have several concept documents: Security Strategy, Defence Policy, our armed forces are fragmentized by doubtful laws into autonomous sections, Army of the Czech Republic, Castle Guard, Military Office of the President, Military Intelligence. We lack a binding political assignment on defence policy. The Defence White Book was a serious attempt to introduce this problem among members of government, parliament. But it was ineffectual. The officials did not respond, contented with emergency arrangements. Alarms bell. Supposing the politicians are not involved in defence policy, we should lose our Alliance credibility, later on even Alliance collective security.

Luboš Dobrovský, born in 1932, graduate of the Philological Faculty of Charles University. Radio editor, columnist, foreign correspondent. During normalization dissident, dish windows, stoker, salesman of the Museum of Literature, signed Charter 77. After the Velvet Revolution Občanské Forum (Citizens Forum) spokesman, Deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Federal Defence Minister, Head of the Presidential Office, Czech Ambassador in the Russian Federation. He long-term deals with issues of defence and security and international relations.

Country: Czech Republic


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