Military Expenditures and their Evaluation in Selected EU Countries


The article deals with the evaluation of military expenditures of European Union's four selected countries in the period of 2001-2008. Among examined countries belong the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia. The term military expenditures is used by many users, so the article defines first this term and also sources from which the authoress collected data for evaluation. The main source of statistical data about military expenditures is the Stockholm international institute, namely its research yearbooks.

Ing. Lenka Brizgalová, Ph.D., born in 1970, graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the Transportation a Communication College in Žilina. In the period 1993-2004 she was a lecturer at the Land Forces Military College in Vyškov. Since 2004 she acts at the University of Defence in Brno as an assistant professor. She deals with microeconomics, history of economic theory, military expenditures, the convergence process and the introduction of the single currency Euro. She is the co-author of several specific research.

Country: Czech Republic


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