Changes in Security Environment, Influence on State Defence Policy and Armed Forces


The separatist movements at Ukraine, Crimea annexation, have fundamentally changed today's security surrounding. All that came about were in fact described in the last Russian military doctrine of February 2010, herein the Czech strategic thinking failed, leaving the nation unprepared. The Czech military documents identify threats too broadly, without setting definite opponents. One precondition failed completely, namely a gradual emergence of threats, enabling the Czech Republic to prepare itself. The author explains his own views on current security European affairs and asks to modernize and adjust both Czech defence policy and military science. The article is in Czech Language only. PDF  

Luboš Dobrovský, born in 1932, graduate of the Philological Faculty of Charles University. Radio editor, columnist, foreign correspondent. During normalization dissident, dish windows, stoker, salesman of the Museum of Literature, signed Charter 77. After the Velvet Revolution Občanské Forum (Citizens Forum) spokesman, Deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Federal Defence Minister, Head of the Presidential Office, Czech Ambassador in the Russian Federation. He long-term deals with issues of defence and security and international relations.

Country: Czech Republic


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