Iran's Nuclear Program: An Important Tool of Domestic and Foreign Policy


Its own nuclear program is an important instrument of Iran's domestic and foreign policy. In foreign policy it is used for promotion of its regional interests and it also serves as a guarantee against foreign actor's interference in Iranian domestic affairs. So far, the negotiations between Iran and the international community have not brought about any tangible results. Among other reasons, there are different expectations of both parties. The international community is ready to lift sanctions, supposing Iran accepts the UN resolutions. Iran, by contrast, demands to be recognized as an internationally recognized regional power, with legitimate rights and interests.

Irena Kalhousová, B.A., M.Phil., born in 1979, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.A. in Political Science), University of Cambridge, Great Britain (M.Phil.). After finishing her studies, 2008-2009, she worked for Heinrich Böll Foundation; 2009-2010, analyst for Research Centre, Association of International Affairs. At present she holds the position of Chief Analyst at the Prague Security Studies Institute. She is specialized in the modern Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, transatlantic relations. Ms. Kalhousová is also lecturing at the Anglo-American University in Prague, teaching courses on the European Union and the Middle East. She regularly expresses her opinions in Czech public media. At the time of publishing her article in the Vojenské rozhledy she was a fellow at the Inter-Disciplinary Centre, Herzeliya, Israel.

Country: Czech Republic


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