Illegal Use of Child Soldiers - a Neglected Question in the Preparation of Professional Soldiers


Use of child soldiers by rebel armed forces has been growing in recent years. In comparison to preceding conflicts, main reasons for their use have changed significantly – at the present time, children have become highly efficient psychological weapon in battles against the military from developed countries. This may have momentous consequences not only for the given children but also for professional soldiers. Fighting against child soldiers can indisputably affect the soldiers’ capability to discharge their duties. Furthermore, they have to cope with many individual moral dilemmas. The article will look into potential moral aspects regarding confrontation between child soldiers and members of professional armed forces. In the following section, training of professional soldiers and preparation of military mission will be explored. Subsequently, weaknesses which are crucial to forestall in the future will be outlined.

Jana Burešová. She is a PhD candidate at the Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies at the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics in Prague. She specialises in the field of human rights, child soldiers and security studies. She graduated in Master’s Degree programme of International Politics and Diplomacy (2014) and Bachelor’s Degree programme of International Studies – Diplomacy (2011) from the University of Economics in Prague.

Country: Czech Republic


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