The Internationalization of Conflicts: Theoretical Background, Conceptualization, and Contemporary Middle-East Region


This article deals with the research of the internationalization of conflicts, trying to examine this phenomenon from the theoretical perspective and as a definition. Then the term of internationalization of conflict is conceptualized in order to be applied to a chosen internationalized internal armed conflict. The text also deals with various actors intervening in the internationalized conflict. They are divided into external and internal actors, while their interventions during civil war can be multilateral or unilateral. The concept of the conflict internationalization is also compared with the concept of the proxy war. The closeness of both terms can be confusing for many researchers and their division is one of the important outcomes of this article. There is also a typology of internationalized internal armed conflict types in the text as well as identification of reasons for military actions against a neighbouring state in civil war. At the end, two case studies of Syrian and Yemeni civil wars are introduced to the reader in the framework of the conflict internationalization concept. The text itself is a conference contribution and it has no ambition of bringing new scientific findings and extending knowledge. Rather, it presents a general survey of the examined phenomenon, which can be developed and researched by social sciences based on case studies.

Josef Kraus, Ph.D., born in 1985. He graduated from the bachelor's, master's  and doctoral studies in political science at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University. He still acts as an assistant professor at the Department of Security and Strategic Studies. He is also a scientific researcher at the International Institute of Political Science. At the same time he is a member of the editorial board of the Czech Military Review journal. He deals with the security problems of the Middle East region, with a focus on Islamic Republic of Iran and state terrorism research.

Country: Czech Republic


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