Legal and Illegal Wars in Present-day World


After the year 1990 a total of 120 wars have taken place. The most appealing were those initiated by the USA, in which other friendly states´ve participated as well. No country has the right to invade its neighbour or over-run and annex another. There were many discussions in the world over the legacy of imposed interventions, under which conditions they are true and just. The study covers two dissimilar attitudes: the first one against Hussein's expansionist policy in 1991 and warfare after 9/11 2001. The legitimacy rests upon Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council that allow any nation to remove the aggressor by force. The author also mentions a series of wars, fought throughout the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 1995, and then again from 1998 until 1999/2001.

Prof. Jan Eichler, born  1952. He graduated from the Military Political Academy in Bratislava. In the past he was also the deputy head of the department at the Institute for Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Defense (1991-1993), worked in the General Staff of the Czechoslovak Army (1990-1991) and at the Ministry of Defense of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1982-1990). In 1985, he defended his dissertation (PhD), in 2004 defended his habilitation thesis (doc.), in 2014 he finished the process of inauguration, nevertheless, he has been officially nominated as professor of International politic relations in 2021. Since 1994, he works as a senior researcher at the Centre for European Politics In addition, he teaches at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Prague. His professional interests include transatlantic relations, strategic culture, international security, wars in today's world, terrorism, and security policy of France. He is a member of the doctoral study board of the FSV UK, MUP Praha, and FBMI ČVUT. He is author of 3 monographs in English, of 6 monographs in Czech and of a lot articles in the reviews in Czech Republic as well as abroad (France, USA, UK, Germany).   

Country: Czech Republic


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