Middle Eastern Proxy Wars Waged on the Background of Civil Wars


The paper argues that proxy war is an increasingly often used tool in the Middle East, in the already conflicted territories where international involvement is not only enabled, but also attracted and encouraged by the international law for the purpose of region’s securitization. Thus, the paper’s aim is to increase awareness on the fact that the Middle Eastern countries passing through civil war periods and accepting external actors to deal with their crises do not only become fertile territories for proxy wars, but the intervening actors start pursuing their own interests beyond the host country’s interest in resolving the conflict.

Mirela Atanasiu, PhD. Born in 1978. She is a senior researcher and has an interdisciplinary education (post-PhD studies in crisis management, PhD in Military Sciences and Information, MA in public communication in the security field, bachelorship in international law). She is active within the Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies, “Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest, Romania and is mainly involved in scientific research related to Middle Eastern and North African security, focusing on the study of terrorism, extremism, crises and conflicts, and foreign actors involved in the region. She authored or co-authored 18 area studies, more than 90 conference papers, and 40 scientific articles in the field of security and defence.

Country: Romania


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  • Comment Link Friday, 22 October 2021 16:20 posted by Karel Kozák

    Str. 27 Proxy války vedené na pozadí občanských válek na Blízkém východě.
    Mirela Atanasiu
    RUMUNSKO. Obsáhlý článek v anglickém jazyce pojednává na 18 stránkách o situaci na Blízkém východě. Je zaměřen na PROXY války (zástupné války). S využitím vědeckých metod jsou proxy války charakterizovány, jejich poslání a úkoly jsou úzce propojeny s občanskými válkami. Velmi podrobně ,je rozpracována situace v Sýrii, Iráku a Jemenu. Článek poskytuje hodnotné informace k porozumění situaci na Blízkém východě. Vhodná je dobrá znalost angličtiny.


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