Alternative Changes in Army Accoutrements


The article presents some prospective variants of accoutrements supply for professional soldiers. The system might operate like that: the soldiers will receive cash money to buy equipment, outfits, even clothing by themselves, in civilian outfit distribution network. There are three possible variants in question, first equivalent items, identical with military categories of components, second sports items, and third field outfits that do not affect the functionality of uniform, its completeness, as well as external appearance.

Capt. Michal Zelenák, born in 1964, in 2004 he graduated from the Military College of the Ground Forces, Vyškov and subsequently he finished a Master's Degree specialization at the University of Defence Brno. From the year 1984 he went through basis professional assignments in the field of military equipments for troops. After 2004 deputy company commander for logistics, from 2008 chief of logistics support group. At the same time he is an officially authorized person for risks prevention, health protection in work, fire protection, and a security advisor for transport of dangerous materials under ADR treaty (Accord Dangerousness Route). Since 2011 he has held a position of senior lecturer of logistics support group at the Department of Logistics, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), University of Defence Brno. He deals with problems of support in the field of logistics; work security and health protection; fire protection.

Country: Czech Republic


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