Modern Tools for Monitoring and Evaluating the Vehicles Efficiency in Operation


This article aims to explain possibilities of using modern evaluation tools of operational effectiveness for managers in the ACR. Ground military vehicles operations are an important aspect of each organizational unit within the ACR. For its realization is necessary to have adequate sources. The authors reviewed current traditional approaches to evaluate the operation effectiveness of ground military equipments. They focused on the role and abilities of transport commanders and executives. This research presents the methods to identify the causes of excessive fuel consumption. The selected vehicle was analysed for exceeding the consumption norm of 270 litters. The primary cause of passing established limits were idle running vehicle's engine and unusual decrease in fuel.

Ing. Erik Mikuš, born in 1974, from 1989 till 1993 vocational secondary school at Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, microelectronics; 1993-1994 compulsory military service; 1994-1995 platoon commander of telecommunication systems, the 1st Signal Brigade; 1995-2000 Military Academy Brno, majoring in informatics; 2000-2003 system specialist, Economy Department, Ministry of Defence. From 2003 signal chief at Český Krumlov, then he left the army. Afterward, from 2004 till 2006, he worked in Prague as a security specialist for GE Money Bank, in 2006 at České Budějovice as an IT manager for GAMEX CB Limited; 2006-2008 in Brno as a chief of supervision centre, ANECT, joint-stock company. In the years 2008-2012 he was in Brno as a service delivery manager, IBM Company, and as the executive director, GX Solutions Bohemia Ltd.

Country: Czech Republic



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