Establishing Cost Efficiency Criteria for Ground Military Vehicles


The evaluation of consumed expenses of land vehicles lies in rating expenses spent on vehicles and on a level of unit training. The paper suggests both method and criteria for such evaluating. The deployment of this method is verifies on a case study the data taken from Logistics Information System database. In summary, this verification proved an excessive overshoot of operating parameters in training due to the less level of riding skills of units in question.

Lt.Col. Ing. Petr Křížek, born in 1968, Military Academy Brno. Until 1990 he was a platoon commander of arms repairs, mechanized regiment. In the years 1990-95 he studied at Military Academy in Brno, 1995-2000 chief senior officer, Logistic Section, Mechanized Brigade; 2000-2004 chief senior officer, Maintenance and Support Branch, Logistic Division, General Staff; 2005-2011 chief of Equipment and Materiel of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, senior commanding officer in the bestowed rank of colonel, Logistic Department, Ministry of Defence; 2011-2013 chief senior officer, Operational Branch, Division of Forces Development. MoD; since 2013 up to now, chief senior officer, Planning Section of the MoD, subordinated to the First Deputy Minister of Defence. He published in collections of papers from conferences in the Czech Republic and Romania.

Country: Czech Republic


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