Sustenance Traditions and Nutritional Level of Undergraduates at the Defence University


Dietary habits and nutritional conditions are closely tied. They were measured and tested during academic semester, namely in time of examination. Results reached were analyzed. Statistics proved our assumption that during the exam period this study burden deeply influenced overall nutritional state by anthropometrical indicators in male clusters; with 95% rate probability it influenced body mass, body fat and the percentage of water in a body. Zero hypothesis was confirmed as far as muscle material was evaluated.

Prof. Ing. Aleš Komár, CSc., Col. (Ret.), born in 1949, University of Agriculture (VŠZ) Brno. From 1983 in the armed forces, he worked in the field of accommodation and building, where he concentrated on environmental problems of army quarters. Founder of military ecology. From 1990 he was the head of ecology service and he managed to push environmental lessons into military schools curricula. From 1996 till 1997 director of Environment Division, MoD. He taught at the Faculty of Economy and Management, Military College of the Ground Forces, Vyškov (VVŠ PV), Head of the Department of Material and Services, University of Defence Brno. Member of the Official Board of Economy and Management, as well as the Scientific Board, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), University of Defence. He is an executor of many NATO and EU projects, the author of more than 600 publications, a third of them were published abroad.

Country: Czech Republic


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