The White Paper and Preparing National Defence


The White Paper on Defence was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic on 18 May 2011. The article describes a circumstances of the document development and its substance and role in the family of the defence strategic documents. In addition, the article highlights some important measures of the White Paper that has been implemented in practice. The author who was a member of the committee, responsible for development, and an editor of the White Paper, responds to some voices, claiming that the document has not come up to expectations and it is not usable for the future of the Czech Armed Forces. The author presents his lessons learned from the development and implementation of the document and describes some recommendations for the future.

Mgr. František Šulc, born in 1970, he graduated in Political Science at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, subsequently in Security Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV), Charles University Prague. From 1995 journalist, TV Prima, Lidové noviny daily, Týden magazine; in September 2010 head of the team of advisors to the defence minister, since 2012—present, director of the Cabinet of Minister of Defence. As a journalist he visited in dozens of conflict and post-conflict regions, the Former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Georgia. During the war in Iraq he was the only Czech journalist who followed the coalition units. For his reports on the conflict he was awarded Ferdinand Peroutka Prize. The founder of internet pages devoted to security problems On War | On Peace. Author and co-author of several publications dealing with security themes. He was in charge of the coordination and processing of the White Paper on Defence.

Country: Czech Republic



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