Financial Crisis and Its Impacts on State Budget: Sources of Anti-Crisis Strategy by Defence Department


When the White Paper on Defence was drafted, there was lot optimism as of crisis, then only set in motion. It was regarded as a mere limited, transitional phenomenon. Nowadays we see that it is not a standard crisis known from history, but the so-called systems crises. It is a different sort of crises; we ought to respond by systems reaction in which the society should response to crisis as a whole. This paper originated as a research paper dealing with methods the Czech state should adapt to avert opening crises, with all its sectors and components, including the sector of Department of Defence. The author proposes to draw up a working document "The Army for the Next Twenty Years".

Prof. PhDr. František Ochrana, DrSc., (plk. v zál.), nar. 1952, Centrum pro sociální a ekonomické strategie FSV Univerzity Karlovy a Institut  sociologických studií FSV. Absolvent VPA v Bratislavě (1976); kandidát filosofických věd (CSc., 1979), doktor filosofických věd (DrSc., 1990); docent filosofie (1986); Master of International Mamagement (1994); docent financí (2000); profesor financí (2005). Profesionální kariéra: 1979-1991 vysokoškolský učitel na VPA a VVPŠ v Bratislavě (1992- 1996); vysokoškolský učitel na Vysoké škole ekonomické v Praze (1996-2015); Centrum pro sociální a ekonomické strategie FSV Univerzity Karlovy (2007-dosud). Publikace: 20 samostatných knih, 50 článků na web of science,  27 článků v časopisech scopus.


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