Risk Catalogue: Software Instrument for Risk Management in Defence Department


Risk management covers the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of risks, which is followed by coordinated preventive operations to minimize negative impacts on society. The most demanding is the so-called risk assessment (risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation). The Risk Catalogue consists of introductory page, and twenty cards for risks register. With the assistance of this catalogue, defence analysts acquire general knowledge about number of risks and their frequency. The level of risk is calculated by summation according to its probability, gravity, and unwanted effects. In case of defence department, actual tasks are assigned to manage to Defence Ministry, Division, Branch, and Section accordingly. Possible risks are represented at a chart accompanying the article. The purpose of Risk Catalogue, its principles, guidelines for implementation, is to make the work of analysts easier.

Ing. David Řehák, Ph.D., born in 1978, he graduated from the Military College of the Ground Forces (VVŠ PV) at Vyškov, branch of study: national defence economics. Afterwards he entered three years of doctoral studies in forces protection (modelling and simulation of processes) that he completed in 2005 at the University of Defence Brno. From 2006 till 2009 he worked for the Institute of Strategical and Defence Studies (ÚSOS), University of Defence Brno. At present he is a member of teaching staff at the VŠB-Technical University Ostrava (VŠB-TUO), Faculty of Safety Engineering. He is involved in problems of international security scenery, crisis management, population protection and living environment.

Country: Czech Republic


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