Critical Analysis of Interconnection between Planning by Objectives and Capability Planning


The article brings outcomes from the critical analysis of interaction between planning by objectives and capability planning. The analysis is based on the assumption that the strategic decision-making process should be assisted by a systemic tool, enabling a financial assessment of capabilities, identified as a prerequisite for accomplishing politico-military ambitions. Taking into account the current planning system, as implemented within the Ministry of Defence, the planning by objectives might become this tool. However, for providing an efficient planning by objectives, it is necessary to derive relevant findings from the capability planning, which basically includes data on capability assessment, identified capability shortfalls and their prioritisation. Therefore, findings from capability planning process are a keystone for conceiving objectives for the area of capability development. Both capability planning and planning by objectives are to be seen as communicating conveyances, where a level of mutual interactions significantly influences effectiveness of defence performance management. The analysis is aimed at identification and description of discrepancies hampering an efficient interconnection between planning by objectives and capability planning and, as a conclusion, the analysis proposes a definition of the core problem which causes respective discrepancies.

Zdeněk PETRÁŠ, PhD. (Colonel ret.) born in 1964, in 1989 graduated from the Military College of Land Forces in Vyskov (CZE). In 2008, he completed master´s degree at the Université Panthéon-Assas Paris, in defence industry dynamics. In 2016, he obtained PhD. degree in economics and management program at the University of Defence Brno (CZE), specialising in military capability assessment. After several years spent as a staff officer at the General Staff of the Czech Forces and in NATO and EU military structures, he currently works as a researcher-fellow at the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies. He is systematically engaged in issues related to defence planning and he is an author of a few articles and publications dealing with this topic.

Country: Czech Republic


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