NATO Force Integration Units: Are NFIUs a Valuable Element of NATO Deterrence and Defense Posture?


Russian aggressions against Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014) led NATO into unprecedented changes in the NATO deterrence and defense posture at its eastern flank. The establishment of NATO Force Integration Units with their mission to facilitate high readiness forces deployment was one of the measures taken. The role and tasks of NATO Force Integration Units are very complex. They include a variety of different tasks across all levels: strategic, operational and tactical from peacetime up to activation of Article 4 or 5 of the Washington Treaty. Besides the main mission, these tasks consist of: assurance, deterrence, planning, information sharing, situational awareness, and liaison to Host Nation including contribution to strategic communication. The complexity of the performed tasks and their location in capital cities make NATO Force Integration Units an effective and valuable element of the NATO deterrence and defense posture at the eastern flank.

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