Armed Conflict and Relations of its Economic Analysis


The topic of this essay is an insight into the interrelations of the economic analysis of armed conflict. The author tries to explain its substance and importance and at the same time he warns against the difficulties with its implementation. Backed by several studies, we must conclude that there is a lot of confusion in terminology we use. It is therefore proposed to apply cost-benefit analysis, so that we could create a unified terminology and simultaneously to use this analysis to present armed conflict economy in terms of overall expenses vs. likely benefits aroused by respective armed warfare.

Aleš Olejníček, born in 1971. He is the head of the subject group (National Defence Economics), within Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Defence in Brno. He teaches public economics and selected economic issues of the public sector. He deals with issues of public economics, economics of defense and history of the military-economic thinking.

Country: Czech Republic


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