Decision-making and Planning in Defence Department


The article familiarizes readers with theoretical assumptions of planning and strategical decisionmaking in Defence Department and Czech armed forces. The author finds connections and similarities among others with public sector and civilian structures tied with budget spending. The strategical level of planning is a highly complicated and expert procedure. At present, planning process in defence department, within MoD sector, is specifi ed by the Order of Defence Minister No. 33, 2004. In this document, there are highly elaborated principles and rules of planning of activities and development implemented in defence sector. The article is based upon papers and reports presented at the Defence Sources Course, MIDMC 2001-06, Resources Management Institute, USA, held at the Military Academy Brno in 2001, and documents dealing with managerial problems.

LTC Ing. Radek Dubec, Ph.D., born in 1966. He graduated from the Military College of the Land Forces in Vyškov and the academic course in Military Academy in Brno. He acted in the basic command positions at the Training Centre of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force and participated in two UNPROFOR missions. In period of 1994-1997 he was a Senior Officer, later a chief of the operation department on the (brigade level) territorial command. Since 2004 he worked in the Institute of Strategic and Defence Studies at the University of Defence in Brno, currently as a head of the Defense Planning Cell of the Lifelong Learning Department. He performs as a teacher in the General Staff course and other officer courses as well as within an accredited degree at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Defence. He guarantees subject Development of the Armed Forces . He is a co-author the monograph Process Management in the Public and Private Sectors and monograph Analysis of the Company. He published in the journal Controller News and Proceedings of the University of Defence.

Country: Czech Republic


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