Types of Problems Solved in the CR Department of Defence and Rules for their Solution


The article presents partial conclusions of the questionnaire survey on “Problem Solving in the Defence Department of the Czech Republic”. First, possible types of the addressed problems and methods for solving the ill-structured problems are characterized. The aim of the empirical research, whose findings are presented, was to identify the ill-structured problems that are solved in the CR Defence Department, and to find out the extent of the use of the methods for problem solving within the mentioned organization. In order to collect data, a semi-structured questionnaire was developed. The total of 135 questionnaires provided data for evaluation. The respondents from the researched organization mostly meet the problems which are related to a planning process, also to a change of an organizational structure, training preparation and processing of internal regulations. The methods, which are used to solve the quoted problems in the Defence Department, are expert panel discussion, interview, brainstorming, wargaming (pros and cons analysis), SWOT analysis, analysis of concerned parties and an objective tree.The rules and recommendations for solving ill-structured problems in the CR Department of Defence are defined, based on the found out information, toward the end of the article.

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