The Importance of Development Trends Analysis and its Military Implications for Defense Planning


Participation of experts form NATO member and partner countries in security situation development trends together with related military implications is meanwhile the newest mean of member states engagement onto NATO Defence Planning. In one hand this possibility is a way to gain findings from national experts and in other hand an opportunity enabling countries to enlarge knowledge and experience of national participants in order to development of similar activities at national level. Moreover there is an opportunity to present activities of nations´ institutions working in the similar field as well as national findings linked to security trends and defence planning. The author concludes that the Czech Republic has not yet formulated its own defence planning process, and suggests the possible effects of this condition

Fabian Baxa, Ph.D., born in 1955. He graduated at Military Technical College in Liptovsky Mikulas (1979) postgradual study at Military Academy in Brno (1990) and course of national defence at University of Defence in Brno (2009). He served at national and international positions in the area of forces development and electronic warfare. Contemporary he works  as an academic fellow at Centre of Security and Military Strategy Studies at the University of Defence in Brno. His pedagogic and scientific expertise includes strategic management, defence planning and capability planning. He is a co-author of three publications and several articles in domestic and international periodics.

Country: Czech Republic


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