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Unmanned Ground Vehicle as a Force Multiplier in Urban Operations


The article discusses advanced aspects in urban operations for presumed military robotics applications. The rise of city population and increasing number of cities stands new treats for warfare. First part of the article reminds steep rise of population and populated urban areas, dangers for today’s deployed troops are shortly discussed in the second part, outlining some features there. Results lead to a possible solution of upgrading combat-space awareness, multiplying firepower capacity and combat support. Two examples of Unmanned Ground Vehicles in next part present the possible way of future development and finally conclusion outlines required characteristics for these UGVs during urban operations.

Jaroslav Matejka, born in 1977. He is a graduate of the Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš (2000). He worked in the Armed forces of the Slovak republic in various positions mainly in the training sector. He has gone through several jobs focused on small-arms and ammunition after leaving the army. He works today as a Laboratory manager for small-arms and at the same time he studies post-gradually on the University of defense in Brno, Faculty of military leadership. He studies advanced aspects of urban operations.

Country: Czech Republic



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