Mobile Sets for Geospatial Support of the Czech Armed Forces


The material for his paper the author draws on his experience from work in Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Department. In light of historical consequences, the article briefly describes the development of mobile sets for geospatial support. The main focus was paid to currently used stations SOUMOP (O) and SGEOB. He also mentions presently developed prototype GeMoZ-C. The author would like to familiarise our reading public with activities of Czech Army Geographic Service, its tools and devices in use. 

Lt.Col. Ing. Jan Marša, Ph.D., born in 1975, Military Academy Brno, language course at Defense Language Institute, Lackland AFB, Texas, USA; Advanced Geodetic Course at Defense Geospatial Intelligence School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, USA. In the years 1996-2003 he worked at the Military Geographic and Hydrometeorologic Office in Dobruška (geodesy, Military Land Information Branch), from 2003 till 2008 Military Geographic and Hydrometeorology Office (VGHMÚř), Dobruška: Distribution of Digital Geospatial Information, applied research and development. He used to be a member of editorial boars of collections Vojenský geografický obzor and Acta geodaetica. From December 2006 till April 2007 commander of the 1st contingent, Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, Multinational Force-I (MNF-I), Basrah, Iraq. From 2008-2011 section head of Geospatial Support, Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE), Mons, Belgium. Since August 2011 to present, geospatial officer at Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Department, MoD.

Country: Czech Republic


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