The Big Data Phenomenon as a Trend Influencing Technical Intelligence Disciplines


This specialised article deals with Big Data and the exploitation of this current day phenomenon in the field of intelligence disciplines, based on technical methods of data gathering and its relevant assessments. The introduction deals with the issue of development of the security environment and gives general overview on the current trends in the field of technical branches. The following chapter analyses the main trends, especially the digitalisation of the battlefield, rise in data volume and the development of new technologies. The next chapter is focused on the basic terminology description of the Big Data issue, which leads into final assessment and certain prediction of future development in this field and the rise of importance of this trend for the intelligence disciplines in future.

Col. Dr. Martin Havlík, PhD., MBA, MSc., Employee of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. He specializes in intelligence, especially in the field of technical intelligence disciplines, information and cybernetic operations as an integral part of the hybrid activities of state and non-state actors. In addition to the above, he focuses on security threats and risks analyses in conflict areas (especially in Asia) with an impact on the defence and security of the Czech Republic.


Country: Czech Republic


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