Threat of CBRN Agents, Biological Class


This article describes the question of CBRN and their possible abuses in civil aviation. The problem includes security analysis identified by the Civil Aviation as the most significant class of this group—biological agents. The authors pay them special attention. The second part of paper contains model situation in case of emergency: virus variola (smallpox) attack in a terminal of medium-size international airport. Depending on the detailed properties of virus, transport hub and afflicted area, there are two versions of attack— for summer and winter timetable, according to expected progress of virus extension, and follow-up arrangements. Radomír Ščurek, PhD, born 1966. Graduate of the Technical University of Ostrava (1988) in the study programme Engineering Technology, later (2006) in the doctoral study programme Fire Protection and Industrial Safety, where he was also habilitated (2009) in the field of Safety and Fire Protection. He worked in the company Hutní montáže Ostrava, a.s., later for three years in the Human Rights Protection Department of the Ministry of Defence Inspectorate in Prague. Since 2003, he has been working at the Faculty of Safety Engineering of VŠB TU Ostrava in various managerial positions, he is a member of several disciplinary and scientific councils at home and abroad. He has educated at least 5 PhD students and supervised more than 120 qualifying university theses focusing on physical security and critical infrastructure protection.


Country: Czech Republic


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