The Dimensions of War and Peace that Can't be Neglected: Ecophilosophy & Paxology


The author explains some terms being neglected in the last few years. War is one of many ways for implementing policy, but actually it is self-breeding and at the same time its own last source. The hypertrophy of available means for warfare creates the atrophy of its functions and consequently even its reason. War is still an extreme choice, bringing about the danger of total devastation of humane environment. It's strange that environmentalists do not put their protests to this centre of gravity. On the contrary, many of them regard wars as natural thing, originated in the very nature of humane dispositions. It has its source probably in the fact that there is no self-contained theory dealing with war and peace, the so-called paxology—the theory how peace can be maintained in the world.

Doc. PhDr. Felix Černoch, CSc. (Col. Ret.), born in 1936. He graduated from the Infantry School in Lipník nad Bečvou and passed through various posts, mostly in the field of military education. Since 1970, then he worked at civil schools, the Pedagogical Research Institute, Research Institute of Vocational Education and the Faculty of Education of Charles University. After November 1989, he was a head of the Institute of Social Research of the Youth and Educational Counselling, Charles University in Prague. In 1991, he returned as a civilian in MoD and worked in the field of pedagogical-psychological research and human resources. Later he acts as a vice rector at the College of International and Public Relations in Prague, where he still works as a teacher. He is the author of dozens of books, the script, the methodological manuals, and hundreds of papers and articles.

Country: Czech Republic


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