Innovative view of the methodical process of facing disinformation


The article describes an innovative view of a possible methodical process of access and protection against disinformation. The ever-increasing digitization and use of cyberspace to disseminate all kinds of data and information provides users with an indisputable number of associated benefits associated with rapid access, distribution or sharing of current knowledge. However, this development trend also reciprocally generates a number of related threats that need to be faced. Our own resilience and effective tools against information campaigns and information actions of all relevant actors play the key role here. The critical thinking itself and the process mechanisms used to access information are the focus of overall resilience to this type of security threats. Thus, the methodical process can help a wide range of readers broaden their view of the complexity of the problem and partially minimize the associated security risks.

Col. Dr. Martin Havlík, PhD., MBA, MSc., Employee of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. He specializes in intelligence, especially in the field of technical intelligence disciplines, information and cybernetic operations as an integral part of the hybrid activities of state and non-state actors. In addition to the above, he focuses on security threats and risks analyses in conflict areas (especially in Asia) with an impact on the defence and security of the Czech Republic.


Country: Czech Republic


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