Actionable Intelligence – Supporting Instrument for Commander’s Decision-making Process


This article describes the doctrinal determination and definitions of the term Actionable Intelligence and the impact of this specific intelligence concepton commander’s decision-making process. The part of this report deals with the position of Actionable Intelligence in intelligence branch, concretely in connection with the intelligence disciplines and particular stages within intelligence cycle. There is also the accentuation of interconnection to the importance of intelligence information sharing, early warning systems and force protection on tactical level. The next part of this article is focused on the impact of intelligence support on commander’s decision-making processes.

Col. Dr. Martin Havlík, PhD., MBA, MSc., Employee of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. He specializes in intelligence, especially in the field of technical intelligence disciplines, information and cybernetic operations as an integral part of the hybrid activities of state and non-state actors. In addition to the above, he focuses on security threats and risks analyses in conflict areas (especially in Asia) with an impact on the defence and security of the Czech Republic.


Country: Czech Republic


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