Sharing of Intelligence Information in Terms of Process “Need to Share”


The main goal of this article is to depict the issue of intelligence information sharing within the so called principle „need to share“ and highlight the differences of this current trend, which was to replace the „need to know“ principle. The first chapter in reference to current global threats depicts the extent of the present national and international interrest in the intelligence field which is followed by the issue of „need to share“ principle. The aim of the following chapter is briefly analyse the sfaring of intelligence information within NATO and the EU. This chapter also includes the possible sharing of SIGINT information obtained by national tactical element embedded in Task force during current day operations. The final part evaluates the intelligence information sharing and outlines certain prediction of future development in this field.

Col. Dr. Martin Havlík, PhD., MBA, MSc., Employee of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. He specializes in intelligence, especially in the field of technical intelligence disciplines, information and cybernetic operations as an integral part of the hybrid activities of state and non-state actors. In addition to the above, he focuses on security threats and risks analyses in conflict areas (especially in Asia) with an impact on the defence and security of the Czech Republic.


Country: Czech Republic


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