NATO’s Strategic Interest in Africa - a Possible Multi-Criteria Analysis


The paper demonstrates that the Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) is one very useful analytical tool and method to help Allied political decision makers and military strategists to rethink the Alliance’s new role and mission in Africa, as the Southern neighbour of NATO and the EU having great possibilities to influence, either positively or negatively, the European and Euro-Atlantic security. Thus, the paper’s scope is to use MCA in order to highlight the importance of Africa for NATO’s Geopolitics and what Member States should undertake in order to join the competitive North African and Sahel region’s arms and presence race against the increased Russian and Chinese economic and military interests.

Ionita Craisor-Constantin, PhD, born 1960. A graduate of the “Carol I” National Defence University (NDU) in Bucharest (1993), the US Marines Command and Staff College (2001) in Quantico, VA, and the US Joint Staff College in Norfolk (2005), VA. He worked in the military until 2017 in the strategic planning field. He was instructor and associated-professor at the Romanian NDU, as well as at the NATO School in Oberammergau. He worked at SHAPE in the military cooperation field. Currently active as scientific researcher at the Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies at the Romanian NDU. He focuses on the topic of decision-making and operations planning process. He is the author of 4 military specialised books and a number of expert articles in domestic and foreign journals.

Country: Romania


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