Leadership Styles and Mistakes of Junior Commanders-Managers When Entering their Profession


The author summarises most common and repeated mistakes of graduated officers after leaving military schools. Junior officers are practically in the same position as young manager in civil life, so we can find some analogies in civil managerial leadership. Civil manager face practically the same problems and situations. There are various mistakes that junior officers ought to be warned. Such educational instructions and leadership should be implemented into military schools' curricula. Backed by a vast amount of studied literature, the author offers his own solution. He makes use of five myths by Linda Hill, professor at Harvard Business School. The problem is to avoid extreme leadership styles: dictatorlike and benevolent ones.

Miroslav Mašlej, PhD., born in 1957. He is a graduate of the VVŠ PV in Vyškov (1980). He has worked in leading and teaching positions in the military department. Currently he works as an academic at the University of Defence in Brno. He co-authored one monograph and a series of expert papers in both domestic and foreign journals. He deals with management issues.

Country: Czech Republic


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