Calculation of the Distance of the Object from Plane of Fire to Control Check the Barrel Artillery Fire Safety


The article aims to explain the possibility of calculating the perpendicular distance of object (observation, building etc.) from the barrel of fire artillery. The advancement calculation is not included in any legislation addressing the issue of fire safety in the barrel artillery. This paper discusses the mathematical reasoning and calculations that are useful in the preparation of documentation for shooting in the time preparation of shootings. The derived formula can be used by judges when firing safety control shooting.

Maj. Bohuslav Sotulář, born in 1958. He studied the Military Academy Brno. Among other, he acted as an instructor and  commander in the Artillery Training Centre in Hranice, and at the Military Secondary School in Vyškov. Currently, he is an assistant professor in the Department of Fire Support of the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Defence in Brno.

Country: Czech Republic


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