Introduction of Autonomous Combat Vehicles into the Czech Armed Forces


The article addresses the issue of the emergence of new technologies and their impact on the capabilities of the Czech Armed Forces (CAF). A summary of the recommendations is presented. In particular, there is a need for a conceptual approach to the integration of new systems in order to avoid spontaneous purchasing, which could be very logistically demanding. The very rapid development in the field of unmanned autonomous systems using elements of artificial intelligence offers opportunities to use them in support of the tasks of CAF. Due to the breadth of this issue, the scope is limited to the area of the Special Forces, which introduce these new sophisticated means into use throughout the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

Jan Kovanda (Col. gšt. v. v.), born 1968. He served in various command and staff positions with the special forces. He currently works as an academic fellow at the Center for Security and Military-Strategic Studies of the University of Defence, Brno. In addition to special forces, he deals with Hybrid Warfare, Terrorism and the issue of Active Reserve of the ACR.

Country: Czech Republic


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