What A Commander Needs from System of Education?


The author, director of military hospital base, reacts favourably to the article mentioned above. He would like to add something from the practical point of military commander. In his unit, there is a deficiency of attested graduated surgeons, whereas there are a lot of graduated nurses, rescue workers, because of a wide offer of civil colleges and universities. They study in their leisure time and thus gain higher educational background. In consequence, his unit does not need graduates from Defence University in Brno. He comes to the conclusion that necessary commissioned officers could be recruited from among ranks of non-commissioned officers or sergeants, by means of additional schooling and scholarships, or by recruiting graduates from civilian colleges and universities.

Lt.Col. GSO Prof. MUDr. Jan Österreicher, PhD., born in 1971, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, and the Military Medical Academy of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (VLA JEP), Hradec Králové (1996), Ph.D. thesis 1999, assistant professor 2001, full professor in military radiobiology 2008, Military Medical Academy (VLA), lately changed into the Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence. He took part in several missions: Iraq (2003), Kosovo (2007) and Afghanistan (2008). He is a graduate of the NATO Defence College (2005) and the General Staff Course (2009). At present, he is the head of the Hospital Base at Hradec Králové. He gives lessons on radiobiology at the Faculty of Health and Social Studies, University of South Bohemia (ZSF JU), České Budějovice, and on security policy and strategy at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (FF UJEP) Ústí nad Labem. Author and co-author of more than 110 publications, being cited more than 350 times in the Science Citation Index.

Country: Czech Republic


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