Afghanistan: True Reality


The deteriorating situation in the Afghanistan region poses a security threat not just to the United States, but to every single nation. It was from that remote area of the world that Al Qai'da plotted 9/11 and subsequent attacks in Europe and elsewhere. Reading news about Afghanistan today gives rise to the question why the situation in this country is such as now really is. Ordinary mass media depict the country often in a confusing manner: Afghanistan as "a country, full of terrorists and uneducated barbarians, longing to destroy western civilization and kill". The author describes bad security situation which presents problem for both coalition soldiers and local Afghanistan population. At the same time we must realize that involved soldiers are exposed every day to asymmetric enemy forces, they stand face to face to mortar danger that could be hidden in for example in every car passing by.

WO 1st Class Jan Smetana, born in 1984 in Prague, he finished High School (SPŠ) of Transport Prague in 2004, then he became a career soldier. He completed several professional courses: Warrant Officer Basic Course, Military Academy Vyškov in 2005; ARTHUR operator's Course at Jince; course organized by British Military Advisory and Training Team Central and Eastern Europe (BMATT CEE) Přáslavice in 2008. Since the year 2007 he has been serving as a section leader at Jince. In 2009 he started to study of international relations at the Metropolitan University Prague (MUP), where is also a member of the Centre for Security Studies (C4SS).

Country: Czech Republic


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