Up-to-date Trends and Shifts in Global Security Environment


The beginning of the second decade of 21st century is tied with distinctive dynamics and changes in global security environment. Among those changes belong security re-orientations of the United States from Transatlantic area to that of Pacific, East and Southeast Asia resulting from a new American military strategy proclaimed in January 2012. The US drew down from Iraq and Afghanistan, political and security movement in Arab world, after decades of "status quo" were awaking. The author concludes that the EU should be prepared for negative scenarios in the development of security situation, or to have at its disposal effective police and military forces with proper humanitarian background to counter possible instability, e.g. massive migration influxes, economy disorders.

Miloš Balaban, Ph.D. (Col ret.), born in 1962. During period of 1983 - 2001 he acted in the Armed Forces and in MoD. Author and member of the management committees of two international projects EU / PHARE. Since 2001 he was working in the Centre for Social and Economic Strategies, Charles University in Prague (CESES). Since 2004 he has been a head of the CESES Centre for Security Policy. In 2008-2009 - member of working group "Foresight and Scenarios" European Security Research and Innovation Forum. Member of the Scientific Board of the Director General of Fire and Rescue Service. Author of dozens of studies and articles on security policy.

Country: Czech Republic


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