Konrád Antonín

Mgr. Antonín Konrád, Col. (Ret.) , born in 1944, graduate of Military Geodesy and Cartography at the Engineer Technical School (ŽTU) Bratislava, Slovakia (1964). He developed geodetic and topographical pieces of border regions and those of Military Training Areas (1964-1970). Distance studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (FTVS UK), Prague (1969-1976), for ten years he was a regimental chief of physical training. In the years 1980-1993 he fulfilled various positions in the field of combat and physical preparedness both military and non-military parts of Civil Defence, Federal Staff, nowadays the Main Staff. In the years 1994-1997, he worked at the Branch of PT Preparedness, MoD. From 1997 till 2000, Deputy Chief of the Military Division, FTVS UK. After retiring from the forces, he stared to work as and a senior lecturer at the same faculty. He aims at the theory of military physical education, PT regulations and management within the MoD.

Country: Czech Republic