Novotný František Pavel

Dr. František Pavel Novotný: Historian, sociologist, and philosopher.  He was born in 1925. He graduated from Political and Social University and the Philosophical Faculty, Charles University Prague. From 1950 till 1970 he served in the Armed Forces. He became as a member of editorial staff of military magazine A-revue. After the invasion of Warsaw Pact to the former Czechoslovakia, he was separated from the Armed Forces. At first, he worked as a storeman, later as an instructor in the Central House of Pioneers and Youth. After 1990 he was legally rehabilitated, promoted to the rank of colonel and became an advisor to Deputy Defence Minister for Social and Humanitarian Affairs. At this time he laid down the basis of Military Chaplaincy in the Czech Republic Armed Forces. After leaving MoD, he became a teacher at the Catholic Theological Faculty and cooperated with the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

Country: Czech Republic