Like hundreds of millions of other people, Islamic terrorists and their supporters use the Internet. In many ways, the Internet is a tool tailor-made for these Islamic extremists, who use it covertly and overtly to plan attacks, raise money, and spread anti-Semitic and anti-American propaganda written in English, Arabic, and other languages. There is sufficient information to believe that in the future, terrorists may even turn the Internet itself into a weapon, using it to wreak havoc on America's critical infrastructure. Because these militants are global, rather than being located in a single geographical area (Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Iraq), the Internet provides them with a new and effective way to attain their goals. It may be difficult to catch extremists planning or coordinating an attack if they are using encryption, steganography, or some other method of hiding their online activities.

Jiří Hodný, PhD., born 1965. He received his MA in Sociology at the Brno Masaryk University, the Faculty of Arts (1990) and then completed his PhD in the Brno Military Academy's "Theory of National Defence" research program (2009). After the Brno Military Academy's dissolution in (2004), he worked at the Brno Masaryk University, the Faculty of Law. Since 2005, he has lectured Sociology in the rank of Assistant Professor at the Brno University of Defence, currently at its Department of Leadership. He read the subject of Psychological Operations at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, USA (2000). His current research and lecturing activities, that include the areas of Sociology and Leadership, mainly serve to the needs of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Slavic Military Studies (1997).

Country: Czech Republic



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