The Lines of Operation Concept (Part I)


There are two great interpreters of the Napoleonic experience, Jomini and Clausewitz. Both were interested in the application of military force to achieve political goals. The article familiarizes readers with Jomini's theoretical fundamentals of operational design elements, namely the lines of operations. Jomini left a great mark on the details of strategic planning: campaign planning, the selection of the theatre of operation, the base of operation, the line of operation, and decisive points. At the end of this process of selection was the final deployment for the decisive battle. Jomini's major contribution, then, was to provide the geometry of the battle space. In his investigation of the nature of war he developed several key operational concepts. As an operational art tools they help the commander and staff to visualize the arrangement of military capabilities in time, space, and purpose to accomplish the mission. The concept of operational lines is evolved in all operational functions in terms of ongoing military missions.

Jan Spisak, PhD. (Col ret.), born 1958. He graduated from the Land Forces Military College
in Vyškov (1983), Brigade Command Course (2001) and General Staff Course in Brno (2007). Between 1995-2016 he worked in command, staff and teaching positions at the Land forces up to division level, Directorate of Training and Doctrine and the University of Defense. Currently he works as a head of Department of Military Strategic Studies at the Centre for Security and Military-Strategic Studies. He deals with the issues of military art, scenarios of the use of forces and development of military concepts. He is the author and co-author of several monographs and a number of professional articles in domestic and foreign magazines.


Country: Czech Republic


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