Decisive Points Concept (Part II)


The article familiarizes readers with theoretical fundamentals of the key element of operational design, i.e. decisive points that are described as "points from which a hostile or friendly centre of gravity can be threatened". As a tool of operational art, it helps commander and his staff to unlock the path to the center of gravity. The concept is further evolved via example of peace support military operation planning process. The close understanding to terms decisive points, lines of operations, center of gravity, kinetic effects, non-kinetic operations, doctrine, is for military planners fundamental. The aim of this article is therefore to explain this basic terminology; to describe connections with other element of operational planning that could be used during all steps of operational planning. Backed by Jomini's theoretical implications, the author highlights their doctrinal interpretations.

Jan Spisak, PhD. (Col ret.), born 1958. He graduated from the Land Forces Military College
in Vyškov (1983), Brigade Command Course (2001) and General Staff Course in Brno (2007). Between 1995-2016 he worked in command, staff and teaching positions at the Land forces up to division level, Directorate of Training and Doctrine and the University of Defense. Currently he works as a head of Department of Military Strategic Studies at the Centre for Security and Military-Strategic Studies. He deals with the issues of military art, scenarios of the use of forces and development of military concepts. He is the author and co-author of several monographs and a number of professional articles in domestic and foreign magazines.


Country: Czech Republic


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