Perspectives of Development of Light Combat Units


The article identifies specific attributes which have influenced success of modern warfare conducted by infantry battalions and their sub-units. There are mentioned ways to suppress the negatives and opportunities to use positives. There is drafted a possible task organization structure of battalion which allows the variability, modularity and combat readiness, according to capabilities and statements catalogue. The author was inspired by his own experiences as an infantry unit commander. He uses his knowledge gained from military assignments. The article could be considered as topic for future discussions not only on academic but also on specialized level.

Lieutenant Pavel Zahradniček, born in 1982. He is graduate of the Military College of Grand Forces, Vyškov, in the field of reconnaissance commander and military manager and subsequently, University of Defense in Brno, where currently he is a doctoral student of combined degree. In 2004 -2008 he was the commander of the mechanized reconnaissance platoon and in 2008-2013 the battalion intelligence group chief. Since 2013 he is the deputy commander of infantry company within light mechanized battalion. He attended the EUFOR mission in Bosnia, KFOR mission in Kosovo and ISAF OMLT mission in Wardak, Afghanistan. He deals with the preparation and use of combat forces in current and future operations.

Country: Czech Republic


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