The Preventive Aspects of the Overweight and Obesity in the Czech Armed Forces


The problem of obesity is most frequent metabolic disease rising from unhealthy life style of contemporary population. Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders are pressing even in the AČR, so the authors could describe monitoring the risk factors of non-infectious diseases of mass incidence and the implementation of preventive programme with excessive weight losses, using dietetic, psychological, movements and pharmacological approaches that offer real stimulant for decrease in overweight and obesity prevalence within the Czech Army and concurrently decrease in morbidity of Czech servicemen.

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  • Comment Link Tuesday, 21 April 2015 17:59 posted by working out dieting and not losing weight

    This is fairly good if you're used to eating large portions as you will notice
    that you eat less. I won't pry them out of the hands of an preschooler
    at the park. Obesity is the results of busy life-style and bad food habits.


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